Paratico 3 July 2011 – Polini Group, the prestigious company active in the production of distillates and beverages, has reached the highest level in certification for British Retail Consortium (BRC): “A” and for the International Food Standard (IFS) “Higher” the most relevant global product safety and quality certification programs.
The certifications were issued by ISAcert B.V. which, in particular, has verified compliance with the BRC and IFS standards of production processes, ageing and bottling.

The achievement is totally in line with the mission of Polini Group, which since 1968 has the objective to produce high quality liqueurs, widely distributed globally.

The improvement of rating in BRC and IFS certification demonstrates that Polini Group fully comply with the requirements of quality, safety and legal compliance that regulate the food industry.

“Achieving the highest ratings in the BRC and IFS formally certifies the work and commitment of Polini Group to keep pace with the challenges of a rapidly changing market. In particular, confirm the value of our focus on innovation, continuous improvement of internal processes and above all on our attention to customers, consumers and business partners ” says Simone Polini, Commercial Director Polini Group is one of the most important Italian companies operating in the production of liquor. Founded in 1968, is now composed of several companies that cover the full production cycle.

In his wide range of private labels Polini Group offers over six hundred different labels of liquors, distillates and beverage that are tasted and appreciated in over 25 countries around the world.

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