Sambuca Iseo is produced to an old and exacting recipe in Italy, the true home of Sambuca. The strong aniseed flavour and smoothness of character, make Sambuca ISEO one of the finest Sambuca’s

Sambuca Iseo Black Liquorice is produced to the same exacting standards of Quality as Sambuca Iseo, with the addition of elderberry skins and Liquorice in the final distillation.

Careful blending of sambuca ISEO with natural flavourings, spices and essential oils, has produced a range of flavoured sambuca’s of unparalleled quality. The distinctive labelling and Italian crafted bottles come together to produce a product that would grace any bar.

When Producing Liqueurs as fine as these, only the best ingredients are used. Italian Mint, the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit from the Island of Curacao, and the Dried Peel of Bitter and sweet Italian Oranges. Whilst the alcohol strength is 15%, there is no loss of the full bodied flavour and makes an ideal part of any cocktail.

Iseo Liqueurs is the proud sponsor of Clusanina boats racing in the traditional “Bisse del Garda” competition