Polini Distillates and Beverages is one of the largest groups in the D&B sector in Italy and among the main groups in Europe. Polini Group produce and manage a vast portfolio of private labels and premium brands marketed in over 25 countries.

Founded in 1967 the company grew thanks to considerable investment in technology, research and development and the purchase of companies with historically well known brands among which the company Fernet Vittone founded in 1842.

While still keeping its roots firmly in Italy, the group today has an international existence being directly involved in specialised operational units in the following European countries:

ITALY: Polini Group S.r.l., head office of the entire group. Since 2009 the various production sites present throughout the territory have been concentrated together in one new operational site covering an area of 57,000 square metres including the main administration offices, the production plant with a capacity of 110,000 bottles/day, the R&D laboratories and the logistic department.

SPAIN: Vitone 1842 S.l.u., a branch of the company specialising in trading bulk products and the ageing of over 10 million litres of distilled products, mainly Brandy, Whisky and Rum. This branch also manages the sales and logistics for the large scale retail trade customers in Spain and Portugal.

SCOTLAND: Glenforest Ltd. branch specialised in the supply of scotch whisky, from the freshly distilled product to the ageing, blending and sale of scotch both bulk and bottled.

Having consolidated its role of leadership in the Italian market, the aim of Polini Group is to grow in the export markets in order to reach a target of 40% of sales turnover created by export trade. With this aim in mind, large investments have been made both in R&D and the expansion of the distribution network thanks to agreements made with important business partners and overseas distributors.

As well as the production of alcoholic beverages, syrups and energy drinks, Polini Group imports and distributes exclusively a portfolio of premium products including St Andrews Scotch Whisky, London Pink Gin 47, Absinthium LaCour and many other international brands which successfully use the logistic system and sales network.