Polini Group has always been very sensitive to issues of CRS incorporating ethical values into the strategic policy of the company. The CRS policy of the company has two main themes, responsible drinking and the environment.

Responsible Drinking

Being very aware that the alcoholic drink sector is a particularly delicate one, Polini D&B has set itself the task of going beyond that which is set out in the legal regulations and standards of the Italian market regarding the labelling of products. In particular, Polini D&B was one of the first companies in Italy to insert the symbol warning pregnant women against alcohol consumption, important information about a subject which up until today has received little publicity or been the theme of few public awareness campaigns.

Furthermore all communications relative to the product always include indications regarding drinking responsibly adapting the message to the type of consumer in question, in particular drawing attention to the issue of drunken driving.

for more information on the subject you can visit www.drinkaware.co.uk

The Environment

In order to reduce the carbon footprint of the company, solar power panels have been installed on the roof of the company buildings that in fact produce double the energy that the company consumes therefore partially offsetting the emissions created by the logistics.

Furthermore, amongst our suppliers we prefer to use those who use an eco-friendly production process, in particular we prefer those who use biomass as a source of energy for the distillation of cereals or chose the shortest possible supply chain in order to reduce to a minimum the movement of products.