In an industry where quality is critical, cost control and consistency in production as well as conformity to severe international regulations are the rules of the game. Polini D&B has set itself the goal of excellence and has incorporated into the company’s management the different processes of the supply chain, thus guaranteeing both quality and efficiency in the various production phases. These considerable efforts have paid off with the recognition at the highest level of the quality certifications BRC A and IFS Higher.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and International Food Standard (IFS) certifications are the standards developed by the large retail groups in order to qualify their suppliers according to the requirements regarding quality, safety and conformity with the regulations that govern the food industry. Polini Group is the first company in this sector in Italy to obtain such top level evaluations in these categories.

Thanks to strict internal controls carried out by our Quality Control Dept and the periodic inspections made by the QC staff of our large retail clients the production phases are constantly monitored, starting with the control of the distillation of the raw materials, the storage and ageing going through to the production and bottling phase which thanks to the considerable investments made in technology have been rendered completely automated.

The quality of Polini D&B’s products have been widely recognised in various prestigious competitions among which the San Francisco World Spirit Competition with two gold medals (2009-2010) and two double gold medals (2011-2012), and also in the competition Mundus Vini of Cologne with a Gold Medal in 2012

The most important recognition however remains that in the market place where most of our customers tend to repeat the purchase of Polini D&B products and remain faithful to the brand.