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Polini Distillates, Wines & Beverages is one of the biggest groups in the D&B sector in Italy and among the biggest in Europe. The company manages a huge range of Private Labels & Premium brands, sold in more than 35 countries worldwide.


The Polini Group was founded in 1967 in the wide province between Bergamo and Brescia. It was a small family-run enterprise by the Polinis.
As the years past the company expanded and developed priding itself on being able to adapt to the changing requirements of the market whilst still maintaing the ethos of a family business.
The Polini group is now run by the new generation who have managed to continue the growth, marrying traditional production methods with modern, avantguard processes and automation while never losing sight of their ethical principals and dedication to their profession . The Polini Group now produces between 25 & 30 million bottles a year.



At the beginning of the nineties the Polini Group Italia became heavily involved in the development of Private Labels making the company one of the leaders in the sector with over 150 brands registered in Italy and around twenty, with mass-appeal, registered in 35 countries worldwide.

More recently a desire to increase its presence in foreign markets has seen the company concentrate efforts on its main brands with targeted marketing and advertising investments.

Some examples of particular interest are VODKA 2Nite, sold mainly in north America and the Far East; Limoncello Liberty, and the division dedicated to aperitifs: MySpritz (in its two versions; “Classic” for mixing and “RTD” mixed and ready to drink as well as classic brands among which the first Italian Fernet “Fernet Vittone”acquired in the ninties directly from the Vittone family and relaunched worldwide.


In order to keep up with the fast and constant growth of the markets the company has invested heavily in infrastructure and technology with a view to automating the entire production chain.

  • Italy

The two Italian production units are on a single site which was opened in 2009 and covers 57,000 square metres, of which 20,500 m² are covered, comprising of offices and warehouses.

The new building was purpose built with the main focus on logistics and production automation. Inside are the head offices, administrative and commercial staff, the R&D department, the production line – capable of producing 150,000 bottles a day – and the logistics platform.

  • Spain

Another important production centre was launched in Spain in 2000. This second centre , with a covered surface of approximately 15,000 m², is dedicated to the handling of bulk products and their maturing process. It stores 15 million litres, approximately 40,000 barrels and over 350 high-quality wooden, traditional vats dedicated to the maturation process.

  • Russia

In 2015, thanks to a large investment made in non-Euro markets, a Russian branch was opened called Polini Import Ltd . This was to import products directly via their Moscow based branch. Today the branch is one of the major importers of “Old world” beverages to Russia.

  • Scotland

Another production centre was opened near Glasgow in Scotland. This is also dedicated to the maturing process but this time for Scotch Whisky. It has over 8,000 barrels of maturing Single Malt Whisky and a number of Blended Scotch Whiskies requiring between 3 and five years for maturing.

  • Ireland

It has over 8,000 barrels of maturing Single Malt Whisky and a number of Blended Scotch Whiskies requiring between 3 and five years for maturing.

  • Poland

The new headquarter has been founded in 2016, in order to manage the growing request on the Polish market. Actually the distribution has started also in the surrounding countries, like Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania.

  • China

The corporate headquarter started his activities in 2019; the strategic plan is focused on the import of Polini branded products.

  • Turkey

The commercial delegation began his activities in 2013; actually, according to the growing demand on the turkish market, a logistic hub has been developed in 2020 also to serve the nearby countries

  • England

In 2016, a new production plant of LONDON DRY GIN started his activity. The enterprise directly manages the distribution and development on the UK markets.


The headquarters of New York and Houston are managing, since 2017, the import and distribution of the Polini branded products.

  • Lithuania

The headquarter of Kaunas, founded in 2010, is running the distribution of Polini products in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


The spirits are matured in Oak barrels in the company’s cellars. The blends are produced in-house to ensure that the final product meets the client’s requests and recipies and to make sure there is no variation to the product over time.

In the cellars there are also production reserves maturing from between 7 and 14 years.


The “wet” and “dry” phases of product preparation and bottling have been designed to keep the two processes seperate. For this reason the company has six fully automated bottling production lines.

With a reserve stock maximum of over 1.5 million empty bottles covering more than fifty different formats, stored in secure warehouses, the Pollini group is able to ensure uninteruppted product supplies to cover all “unforseen” demands e.g. Clients special offers etc.


As well as having a top-rated production line the Polini Group Italia also offers consultation and collaboration services to help clients develop and produce products specifically designed for their markets. The company has a vast network of consultants, graphic designers and marketing experts that it can call upon to ensure winning image-coordination, labelling and packaging for products. Marketing and parallel investments such as event organisation to increase product awarness and create brand growth.




Non-stop production line scrutiny, superb prime material choosing and careful suppliers selection. These are the fundamental strategies of the Polini Group Italia.

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The high quality of the products has been widely recognised internationally.

These are some recent examples:

  • Gold Medal Vodka 2 Nite Premium San Francisco World Spirits Competition year 2009
  • Gold Medal Vodka 2 Nite Premium San Francisco World Spirits Competition year 2010
  • Double Gold Medal Vodka 2 Nite San Francisco World Spirits Competition year 2011
  • Double Gold Medal Vodka 2 Nite Sicilian Blood Orange Vodka World Spirits Competition year 2012
  • Bronze Medal Vodka 2 Nite Alpine Mint Vodka
  • World Spirits Competition year 2013
  • Year 2012 International Spirituosen Wettbewerb (I.S.W.) (Colonia) – Gold Medal Limoncello Liberty
  • Year 2013 I.S.W. Silver Medal Limoncello Liberty
  • Year 2013 I.S.W. Silver Medal Sambuca Polini
  • Year 2013 International Review of Spirits Award Tastings Bronze Medal 2 Nite Premium Vodka 83 points “Recommended”
  • Year 2013 International Review of Spirits Award Tastings Silver Medal 2 Nite Sicilian Blood Orange Vodka 87 points “Highly Recommended”
  • Year 2013 International Review of Spirits Award Tastings Gold Medal
  • 2 Nite Alpine Mint Vodka 92 points “Exceptional”
  • Year 2013 International Review of Spirits Award Tastings Gold Medal 2 Nite Coffee Espresso Vodka “Best Buy”
  • Year 2014 I.S.W. Silver Medal My Spritz 1 liter 11 vol
  • Year 2015 I.S.W. Silver Medal Vermouth white “Gaetano” Polini
  • Year 2015 International Review of Spirits Award Tastings Silver Medal
  • 2 Nite Tuscan Peach Flavored Vodka 87 points “Highly Recommended”


BRC – IFS certified reliability and quality control
In the beverages industry quality is of utmost importance, cost control is constant, production continuous and international rules and regulations extremely severe. These are the fundamental rules of the game. Polini Produzioni Srl, the production arm of the Polini Group, has, at its core, the persuit of excellence. This is why the various stages of the production process have been brought ‘in-house’ to ensure quality and efficiency every step of the way.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the International Food Standard (IFS) certificates are the bench marks developed by the Large Scale Distribution industry ensure their suppliers meet the quality, safety and regulatory requirements that govern the food and drink industry.

For ten years now Polini Production has been awarded a high ranking by both organistations. Receiving “Higher” certification from both the IFS and the BRC.

Thanks to the extremely tight checks made by the internal quality control office and external checks by our Large Scale Distribution clients all the production stages are continuously monitored, from stock piling to maturing through to production and distribution. Most of which is automated thanks to the large investments made in this area.


To reduce the carbon footprint of the company 5000 m² of solar panels were installed on the roofs of the plant which produce nearly twice as much energy as that consumed.

We are also very careful to choose where possible companies that use sustainable production processes with particular preference given to companies using bio-fuels for the distillation of cereals or short distance production chains to reduce as much as possible the movement of the product.

Driven by a vision of a sustainable future, we are proud to announce that

Polini distillates, wines & beverages

has drastically reduced the use of plastic cups and bottles for water/drinks within the company, through the distribution of aluminum “urban bottles” combined with purified water dispensers.

This takes part of an ecological business philosophy, which has led the company to implement a great future project over the years, which includes:

. a 5000 square metres PV system, located on the roof of the company, which produces about twice the daily energy consume.

· aproduction management based on recycling maximization, combined with consumer awareness of product labels, in order to respect the environment and eco-sustainability.

Our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract – sustainable development.”

Kofi Annan

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